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Oct 2, 2014

Welcome To My Humble Abode

Well. Finally, a post dedicated to the cutest of cute... Mi casa. So Adam and I live in the old mayor's mansion in Provo, Utah. It's basically this huge scary house in south Provo that they divided into 8 tiny studio apartments. And that's that. I am SO in love with our apartment. It finally feels perfect and homey. The best part about our little studio is that A) it's an apartment (no committment) B) it feels like a house (it is... plus a huge lawn, gigantic trees, patio) C) I literally don't think we have neighbors... If we do, we've seen them like t minus 3 times and heard them singing in the shower once.

So yeah. Home. It's pretty neato. I still have a lot of work to do. We've fixed up a whole bunch of the walls, and repainted and striped some paint off the bathroom. But overall, I'm pretty dang happy.

Even though I've literally slowly squeezed Adam out of our closet.. That's like something he can't even talk about. Haha, he hates it.

As for the tour... This is it. Enjoy. xx

Pretty cute huh? If I could describe my decorating inspiration it would be... Minimalist with a hint of contemporary design. I get a lot of my inspiration from Urban Outfitters and the way they decorate rooms. I also have to get creative with the lack of space we have and I try to keep everything on the wall. 

I think the top five must have's for my apartment would be 1) Fluffy Rug 2) Dream Catcher [check out all her amazing hand made dream catchers!] 3) Rad Light Fixtures [the white hanging one I made, I just bought 3 long cords from Ikea and found large round light bulbs and hung it with a hook from the ceiling, the cords hang down the wall, but I LOVE the character it adds 4) Cactus' [I'm obsessed as you can tell] we got our cactuses from Ikea as well as our local farmers market! 5) Delicious Smelling Candles [aka Witches Brew (Yankee Candle) and Pumpkin Pecan Waffle (Bath & Body Works) my two MUST HAVES for this delicious fall weather brewing. 

Hope you enjoyed this! 


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  1. I love your apartment! The polaroids and the cactus' are such a nice touch.


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