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Oct 7, 2014

Shop Hallelu Is A Dream //

So, I could give you a million and one reasons why it has taken five million years to get a fashion post up but I wont. Because that's life and it happens! Things have been crazy and they probably will never slow down and that's okay! Anyways, so you know when you find a shop... and you look and look and basically die over everything. Well Shop Hallelu is that shop. Exactly. They have that amazing, free, boho, gypsy vibe without those scary scary prices.

Needing some amazingness for your fall closet? Look no further. And you're welcome! I love the uniqueness their boutique brings. Every time I've worn one of their pieces I get a compliment on it!

What's more to love? Nothing. And I just want to thank my sweet and patient husband for helping take these pictures! I know it's frustrating and hard and you'd rather be doing a million and one other things, but I freakin' love you for it!

Enjoy. xx.

Cardi Shrug // Shop Hallelu c/o
Green Tee // Nasty Gal 
Jeans // Forever21similarhere
Hat // Shop Hallelu c/o
Shoes // Shop Hallelu c/o


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