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Oct 9, 2014

Awkward Weather = Kimono Weather

The title says it all. How annoying is awkward weather? Its like k... it's warm... no wait, it's freezing. I want to wear shorts... But I can't tell what the temp is. You know the drill.


If you're from Utah. So, that's why kimonos are my JAM. And do you know where you find the b e s t kimono's ever? Electric West. Duh.

Kimonos are literally the best invention ever. They are amazing to add visual interest to any outfit, any time, anywhere. And not only that but they are so functional. Dress them up, dress them down, basically they just add the perfect vibe to any outfit.

So that's my rant on kimonos. They're awesome. If you haven't yet purchased one, you need to. ASAP. I will link so of my favey's including this one down below!

Kimono // Electric West c/o 
Shorts // UNIF 
Tank // Windsor Store c/o [similar here]
Shoes // Gifted [similar here]
Sunnies // [similar here]
Necklace // Stay Gold Jewelry c/o [handmade mineral jewelry... ummmm amazing]


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