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Oct 13, 2014

How To Style I Wear The Headress Head Accessories //

Hello all! So with fall coming and the weather cozying up, adding head accessories to your everyday look is a must! They add the perfect touch and there is just so much you can do with them! I was absolutely thrilled to be working with I Wear The Headress because of all the darling head accessories they have to offer! I decided to do a post where I style 3 different head accessories 3 different ways! I hope you guys enjoy! And don't forget to take a look at her amazing shop! They really are such high quality headbands and accessories and have the sweetest detail!

Style 1 // [purchase here] For this look I just curled my hair really loose and messy and then threw it in 2 low pig tails. Cute, simple and understated. I love this turban styled wrap because it can be worn so many ways! 

Style 2 // [purchase here] For this look I slid the headband over my head to sit just a few inches above my eye brows and then I pulled my hair back in a super loose pony tail. I left some front pieces out to keep it looking messy. I loosened the pony tail and then split a hole in the pony tail and flipped all my hair towards the nape of my neck to create a twist! I saw this hair style on Free People for there 'fall hair looks' and I have been in love with it ever since!

Style 3 // [purchase here] For this look I put my hair in a loose messy bun and rolled the sides into each other. I put the headband on the top of my forehead and it created this effortless chic look! Perfect for fall before all the flowers are gone forever! haha

Photography // Roxana B. Photography 


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