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Aug 4, 2014

Jersey Jackets... A MUST

Hello lovelies!! I feel like I haven't been as consistent as normal with blogging, but I'm planning a freakin wedding so cut me a little slack... kiddin', but for real. Haha so stressful. Anyways, I've already ranted a time and a half about how much I love Balm Apparel's stuff. This tee is no exception. And how perfect does it look with a jersey jacket? I got this super light weight jersey jacket from Boohoo Official, and I love it. I can't wait to bust it out more in fall when its a little less HOT. But life is a real treat. Wedding planning is going well, Adam and his band Barsie are starting to play again, YAY. (Adam's my fiance). But I can't tell you how bad you need a pair of cut off boyfriend style jean shorts, I made these one from Cotton On, I found the cheapest pair of jeans I could and cut them off with a steak knife. And the seams are ripping all the way up to China Town and I just put a couple staples in the side and call it good. Haha totally okay with that. But my engagement pictures should be done this week and I can't hardly wait to share. You guys are going to DIE. K bye. xx.

Shirt / c/o Balm Apparel / Jacket / Boohoo Official / Booties / OLD similarhere / Sunnies / Forever21 / Shorts / Homemade (Cotton On) / Photography / Roxana B. Photography



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