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Jul 30, 2014

Think Pink

So ever since I dyed my hair pink I feel like I've been getting a lot of FAQ's, soooo I decided to do a FAQ page for my new pink hurrrrr.

♥ What's your natural hair color?
♥ Brown

♥ What did you do to get it so light?
♥ I went to Shep Studio in Provo and had my hair lightened to a white blonde hair color, we used plant based dye so it wasn't as harsh on my hair.

♥ Is your hair fried?
♥ Surprisingly, no, my hair is super healthy and after I cut the dead ends off it's been doing great, it has a little bit of a different texture though, which I love because it makes my hair easier to do and stays in better.

♥ Does that fade super easy?
♥ Yes, I usually touch my hair up every 2 weeks, I went to Beauty School for some time, so I know how to apply hair color correctly and to mix it to my liking, so it's not a big deal for me, if you had to see a professional hairstylist, I wouldn't recommend doing a pastel color because of $$$.

♥ Do you have to dress 'around' your hair?
♥ No, I haven't changed the way I dress at all since I dyed it, in fact, I like wearing even more busy outfits because I think it compliments it that much more.

♥ Are you keeping your hair for your wedding?
♥ Hell yes.

♥ What color line do you use?
♥  I use Hair Crazy 'too cute coral' as my base color and mix a TINY bit of hot pink amplifier. Hair Crazy in an online pastel hair company from the UK. Typically takes 10 days to receive your order and $28.00 for the tube, totally worth it though it makes the perfect color. If I don't have my Hair Crazy color handy I simply mix the hot pink amplifier with some white conditioner and let it sit in my hair for like 30 minutes, that way it's not crazy bright, even though it usually is the first couple days.

♥♥ If you babes have any other questions regarding my hair feel free to comment below or DM me on Instagram or Facebook ♥♥

Kisses. Xo.

P.S. Jaci Marie Smith took this picture and she is a GEM, so easy to work with. Me and Adam did a shoot with her and it was to DIE for and so fun. I will be doing a post of the shoot here shortly ♥


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