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Jul 25, 2014

$1.00 Brow Tint In 10 Minutes ♥

Yes, this is real life. So I'm an eyebrow FREAK as most of you know. It has taken years for me to 'be happy' with my eye brows, and they are still ever changing. So if you haven't yet checked out my Everyday Eyebrow Tutorial, please do. And feel free to DM me or email me or comment me with ANY questions! I want to help anyone and everyone! Also, I don't know about you but I like to save money anywhere I can, that means eyebrow tints ladies. $35.00 a pop?? NO thank you. I think I'll go to Dollar Tree instead. But for real.

K, so I know how bad grocery store hair color is, aka totally went to beauty school and dropped out, went enough to know how bad it is though, I also know that when I am on a budget, anything flies. So once I went and checked out Dollar Trees hair color for an eye brow tint, because you basically waste the entire bottle and I was poor and in college and BAM now I'm in love.

So I decided to do a little pictorial of what exactly I do with my $1.00 eyebrow hair color tint and how big of a difference an eyebrow tint can make. If you ever feel like you can't get the right shape or your eye brows are way to drawn on you HAVE to try tinting them. It makes the biggest difference. And no ladies! Penciled in gross eyebrows are NOT hot. Sorry I feel uncomfortable even looking at your face because I can't stop staring AT THOSE BROWS. So do your self a favor and follow these guidelines and you will be a sexy, bold browed babe.

You're welcome. xx.

(P.S. this is a selfie tutorial, yes my mirror is gross and should have been cleaned, yes I just got done working and I'm tired and gross and my hair should have been washed a week ago, and I have zits. It's fine. This is real life people and I wanted to share with you guys so I decided to not be selfish and take one for the team.)

So this is the BEFORE, my eye brows are filled in and they are so light and it takes like 10+ minutes to do 
them every morning. 

This is my super expensive hair color, aka $1.07, thank you Dollar Tree. I use shade 'medium brown'. 
Hahahaha so ghetto. So fabulous. 

Mix the hair dye and follow instructions, and poor out a quarter size dollop in a bowl. I use paper for
easy clean up. 

I use this little wand to apply my 'brow tint', I have also used a q-tip before and it works just as well. 
Just be sure to avoid getting color all of the place, it normally will stain your skin for a 
couple of days, which is fine but still. 
Also, if you want to extend the shape of your brow now is the time to do so. 
I normally fill in my color the same way I would normally do my eyebrows when filling
them in with eyebrow powder. 

Apply like SO. I usually brush in an upward motion to make sure I get the full brow hair. But as 
stated before, don't get too crazy.

This is kinda what you're going for after finishing applying the color on both brows. 
Just make sure they're even and you have enough color on them. 

Let color sit for 5-10 minutes depending on how dark you want them. I normally
allow mine to sit for 10 minutes ♥

After the color sits for 5-10 minutes your brows will look a little something like this. I use
soap and paper towels or toilet paper to gently wash of the color, 
just wipe it in the direction in which your brows grow. You don't wanna 
yank out all those precious hairs. 

And TA-DAHH you have perfectly tinted browns, not too light, not too dark and it shaves off
precious minutes to your everyday make up. If you're lucky enough you might not even
have to fill them in after a tint! Xo ♥



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