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Apr 19, 2014

Everyday Eyebrows

Hey guys!! It's finally here! My everyday eyebrow tutorial. I've worked really 
hard on this tutorial so I hope that you guys like it. I did a video tutorial but
the quality isn't great so I also did a step by step picture tutorial as well
so you guys can easily follow along! Just a little bit of background on my
eyebrows: I used to sit and pluck and pluck my eyebrows until I was 
left with hardly anything there. It has taken years to get them to where
they finally are now, and they still aren't where I'd like them to be! Growing
out your eyebrows is hard and takes a long time. But if you leave your brows
alone and just let them be for once I promise you will be amazed at how
much progress you can truly make!

This is my eyebrows before I started growing them out. I finally threw all
my tweezers away and was determined to get big bold brows. 

After over a year, I finally have brows that are much thicker and more
defined. ANYONE can grow out their eyebrows.

Sorry the quality isn't great but I have a step by step picture tutorial here for
for you guys too :)

First, dip angled brush into product and draw a line from the inner corner above your
tear duct to the middle of the arch of your eyebrow.

Second, continue the line until your reach the end of your natural brow.
You can extend this end out a little bit to elongate your brows.

Third, start from the center of your eye and draw a line on the top of your
natural brow bone. Don't start too close to the front of your natural brow
or it will give you a very harsh boxy look and we don't want that!

Fourth, using upward stroking/feathering movements work the product in and
blend all the lines in so they are no longer visible.

Continue blending in product.

Brows are now ready to be set in place with clear brow gel.

Apply clear brow gel in your eyebrows according to the natural direction in which
your hair grows. I apply directly upward at the front of my brow, and sweep
sideways on the rest of my eyebrow.

Demonstrating the sideways sweeping with the clear brow gel.

Now you have perfect, not overdone everyday eyebrows :)

Products Used

This is the Elf Eyebrow Kit I use. I absolutely love it and you're going
to absolutely love the price!

I also like to highlight when achieving that everyday look. I used the Naked 2
Palette. I like the color Bootycall for highlighting.
It gives a soft shimmer without being overboard. I apply it directly underneath
my eyebrow right on the natural brow bone.

Well that's my everyday eyebrow tutorial! I hope you guys like it!
I really rely on your comments and feedback so please don't hesitate!
Also, what would you guys like to see next?
Thanks for looking! xx



  1. I definitely didn't realize how important eyebrows were until college! Now I can't go a day without filling them in, and sometimes I'll do just that with no eye make up! Makes a world of difference.

    1. Yeah so important huh?? I couldn't agree with you more!! =)

  2. Love brows! You need to do a foundation/contouring tutorial! I love your blog, keep posting! Xoxo

    1. Thanks for looking!! I do!! I will get on that asap!!

  3. Your brows are always amazing, Alexis!! It's great to finally know how you do it! :)

    1. Thank you so much you're so sweet!! I'm glad you enjoyed the tutorial =)

  4. I just spent 30 minutes look at these pictures and the tutorials. I wish I could have eye brows like this but they won't grow back! I plucked them too much in jr high and they haven't grown back after a year. What should I do?! Any suggestions?

    1. Maddi! Yes I promise you can grow them out, my sisters were tiny, I mean like pencil thin, plucked way to far in between, and I told her throw your tweezers away and DO NOT touch them. So she did that, and I would barely wax the middle to get the fuzz off and they look so much better! I even have some super thin spots but I haven't owned tweezers for over 3 years, it just feels like you can't even grow them out because when you are in the 'growing out' process they're ugly and uneven and look unkept, but I promise if you even give them 6 months you will notice a huge difference! Also, there's this product called LiBrow, it doesn't grow hair in the places you don't have it, but it does make your natural hair grow a little longer, so it makes it seem like you have more brows then you really do! I've tried that as well and I really like it! I even just use those cheap 'eye brow shavers' from Walmart, they come in a pack of 3 and that way i'm never pulling out my hair follicle so I can change the shape more frequently! I hope this helps!!


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