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Jul 24, 2014

Tropical Print N' Popsicles

HOKAYYYY. So if you haven't yet noticed yet via Forever21/Asos/H&M tropical print is HOT. Its fun, busy and perfect for summer! I saw this top from Electric West and I was like HOLLER I NEED THAT STAT. So amazing, what's even better about it? The whole back is open, which is like THEE cutest, plus it's nice and breezy for Utah's BEEZY weather. And the little detail on the hem,,, I can't even. This skirt is amazing too right? I wore it for our engagements! And it's amazing. And don't even try and talk to me about these golden gems on my toes... I ALREADY know.

P.S. Can we talk a minute about how stressful planning a wedding is? For real? I am so exhausted from it all the time. I remember growing up watching Bridezillas (back when I HAD cable, things change) and thinking like 'what the hell' you're psycho and everyone is trying to help you plan your wedding and you're legit crazy. And now I know why. Haha I've had a million 'I know i'm being a super annoying bratty bride' moments. Poor Adam. He's been such a trooper through it all. It will all be worth it ♥ But yeah, totally ready to just do this whole marriage thing and be hubby's and wifey's. And get a puppy. Definite must... HINT HINT Adam.

K so that's my rant, that's what's up, YES I am keeping my hair pink for the wedding, NO I will not regret it and look back and think what the heck. And YES I love my pink hair forever and always. K bye ♥

Shirt / c/o Electric West / Skirt / Pac Sun SOLDOUT / Shoes / Forever21 SIMILARHERE / Sunnies / Boohoo Official / Bracelets / SimilarHERE / Photography / Roxana B. Photography


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