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Aug 10, 2017


Dear Billie Stone, 

Yesterday you turned 1 month old. Holy crap time is flying I can hardly believe I have a 1 month old! I thought I'd write you these little letters so that one day you can look back and know everything about your baby self :) So here goes nothing. 

You are now about 21 inches long and 8.6 pounds. Growing like a little weed :) You love cuddles, the mamaRoo, being sung to, Local Natives Sunlit Youth album and of course mama's milk. You don't really like baths, you don't like hiccups and you don't like having the farts. And oh boy child, the farts that you are capable of are very impressive. Sometimes me and your dad have to look at each other to make sure it wasn't one of us. We've taken you on 3 hikes already and you are a little champ! You love the fresh mountain air and so do we! We can't wait to show you the world! You are exclusively breast feeding and you have the latch of a little latching monster. Which I'm really grateful for. You're not really sleeping, some nights we get 2-3 hour stretches and some nights you only let mom go 1 1/2  hours between feedings. Mom changes your diapers on the week nights and dad gets diaper duty on the weekends. 

You're co-sleeping with us currently and we're still trying to figure out exactly what we want to do there :) But you sure are cuddly. Oh, did I mention you HATE when mom puts lotion on you? You also sneeze your brains out when I wear perfume haha, it's cute and sad. You have dark brownish black hair and blue eyes and your eye lashes just started to come in and they're long and straight like your dad! You also have the prettiest skin tone ever! I think you're going to have dad's skin, lucky girl!

Oh and you love your diaper being changed! Your Aunt Sarah came out to visit and meet you and you LOVE her! And your Grandma and Grandpa Kaiser are coming out this weekend through next week and I know you'll love them too. We can't wait for you to meet them! You still don't really know if you like walks, you prefer to be held by daddy. But I'm still working on getting you used to the stroller. You love when I use the baby carrier and carry you around town, and the kitchen ;) you assisted me in making Shepard's Pie when your Aunt Sarah was in town. 

You have the cutest cry and have a fussy time almost every day when dad gets home. Poor dad. At least your cry is cute! You just started cooing when mom changes your diaper and when you see shadows. YOU ARE THE GRUNTIEST BABY IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. It cracks everyone up. You're very vocal haha. At least I always know you're breathing :) Currently you're sleeping and mom is trying to get some work done. I want to wake you up because you look so darn cute but I'll let you sleep. I love you Billie Stone! Stop growing so fast. Also, you smiled at mom the other day and about made my heart fall out. Geez child.



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  1. Loved this little letter to Billie, so nice that you're doing this for her, I'm sure she will read them all!




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