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Jul 30, 2017


Oh my heart. 

Yesterday we took Billie on her first hike. We went up to Albion Base to the wild flower fields and it was insane! We had hoped to make it up to Cecret Lake but it got super cold super quick and I didn't dress Bill very well so we had to flip around! I couldn't get over how freakin pretty all the scenery was though it was absolutely insane. She did pretty good! We use our Happy Baby carrier and LOVED it. (Definitely recommend for first time mama and dad's) It's so easy to use and Billie is always pretty content in it. Not to mention that it doesn't hurt your back or shoulders and is easy to adjust all by yourself! It's great for nursing too! Believe it or not but in most of these pictures I'm actually nursing her haha. And I don't think a soul knew! 

I'm 3 weeks postpartum and feeling really good! It felt so good to get out of the house and get some fresh air! And I know Billie loved it too. Everyone was cheering us on for 'starting her young.' Haha our little adventure buddy. Can't wait to show you how beautiful the world is Bill! 


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