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Dec 27, 2016

A Christmas To Remember

New toys!! Can't wait to take these out! Yay!
Mom's 'stockings' aka crates for each couple! So many goodies! 

Present distributor haha. 

Ruby 8 mos. old!

Grandma on the right (Gloria 82) and her sister on the left, (Orsie 90) with the present I gave them, framed their sweet little pups for them, haha! 

Another Christmas has come and gone! Can't believe it's all over. This year we spent Christmas with my family here in Kaysville, Utah. That's where my parents live. We spent the night at their house on Christmas Eve and then woke up on Christmas at their house! We celebrated our own Christmas on Christmas Eve and it was so fun! We woke up to some tasty Cinnabon's on Christmas morning and headed off to their church. After church we went to my Grandparents house (mom's parents) and had a gigantic breakfast in the tiniest house with the most people you could possibly fit in it. We then always watch our 'family movie' and it's basically all the pictures everyone took throughout the year on a movie to some sick music! After that we did a gift exchange white elephant game and headed back home! 

My mom never disappoints when it comes to festive dinner set ups (as you can tell from these pics)! We had dinner with everyone and opened up our Christmas crackers and all put on our paper crowns! (we do that every year). After that we went down stairs and had our Christmas with my family. Mom and Dad spoiled me and Adam big time with some Kayak's! We were soooo excited! And the crates my mom gave us are full of amazing goodies! She does crates instead of stockings because we are just a 'stocking stuffer' lover family lol! This Christmas seemed extra special because Maddy and Andrew and moving away next year for Andrew's work and Me and Adam are heading back to Michigan so it's the last time everyone will live in Utah together and celebrate Christmas so conveniently. Which is a heart wrencher. We are seriously so lucky to have such an amazing family. We all get along so well and laugh our heads off together. No one fights and we always have a blast.

Anyways, wanted to jot down some notes on this Christmas because of the above circumstances. Excited for all the many amazing journeys and new experiences 2017 will bring to me and Adam. 

Cheers to the New Year! 


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