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Sep 5, 2016

BB Guest Editor!

Hi guys! This week I have the amazing opportunity to be Brick Yard Buffalo's Guest Editor! I got to hand select some of my all time favorite must haves and share them with you guys for an amazing deal! I'll be sharing pictures of all the goodies this week on my Instagram but I thought I'd share what I chose on here so you guys can head over there and get your hands on the goods! I hope you guys love these as much as me! Let me know in the comments what you get your hands on! 


First things first, this IT'S OK banner from Secret Holiday Co. I'm obsessed with the simplicity of this banner and the meaning. Such a cute reminder to chill out. All the banners are hand made by Ashley Brown Durand. Also featured on Urban Outfitters! Steal this for 25% off! 

Next, these super cute super comfy joggers! I'm obsessed with all of the colors, the fit and the comfort. I love joggers for the transition from summer to fall. Cute and simple and can be dressed up or down! Snag these for 47% off! 

You guys already know my obsession for CRUDE everything oil! The product speaks for itself and has been a staple in my skin care routine for years! It's organic, cruelty free and amazing. The oils that are put in the everything oil literally are a combo for goodness. You can get the entire starting kit for 10% off! It has cleared up my skin sooo much and is so gentle. Perfect for sensitive skin! 

Everything you need to oil-cleanse like a pro. This gentle, yet efficient routine is designed to soothe, nourish, and reduce inflammation, allowing your skin to heal and support itself. Our Starter Kit works wonders on all skin types, from oily and acneic to dry and super-sensitive. 

The CRUDE Oil-Cleansing Starter Kit includes:




Because who doesn't like a cute iPhone charging dock? I'm obsessed with this charging dock! I selected the color Rose Gold and it's perfect for in your kitchen or next to your computer when you need to be charging and be displayed at the same time! I love using mine when I'm cooking recipes and need to follow along but my phone is legit always dead so... the STRUGGLE. Snag this for 56% off! 

Nena and Co. pouch for the win!! My obsession for Nena and Co. is real and you guys already know this so this is old news! I love how perfectly sized this pouch is and it's the perfect addition to any of my Nena and Co. bags or perfect on it's on for date night! Throw your phone, lip gloss and mints in this sweet little pouch and let the night begin! Snag this for 15% off! 

Another one of my favorite skin care brands TruSelf Organics Clear Skin Kit! This is my go-to when I'm fighting break outs and my skin needs an extra boost! The foaming gets deep into your pores but is super gentle, the lotion has an amazing consistency and relieves irritated skin and the mask is MAGIC. Plus this whole kit is the perfect size for traveling. I take mine everywhere! 

First: Purify your skin with our Detoxifying Mask, which draws out toxins and bacteria from deep within your pores.

Second: Kill bacteria and cleanse your skin with our Foaming Cleanser. Tea tree oil, a key ingredient, is clinically proven to kill bacteria and help fight blemishes.

Third: Hydrate and protect your skin with our Ocean Mineral Moisturizer, which provides a lightweight barrier and keeps your pores clog-free and healthy!

-The Detoxifying Mask is available in a 4 ounce recyclable jar.

-The Clear Skin Foaming Cleanser is available in a 1.8 fluid ounce recyclable pump bottle.

-The Ocean Mineral Moisturizer is available in a 2 ounce recyclable jar.

Oh hi, my favorite pillows in the entire world. If you don't own any Vintage African Mud Cloth pillows you need to get on that STAT. They're such a fun addition to any room and the patterns are 100.  We have One Fine Nest pillows in our bedroom, guest bedroom and living room. You could say the obsession is real. Haha, I love the quality and details on One Fine Nest's pillows. They're sewn with so much love and attention to detail and have sturdy zippers that hide away once the pillow is filled.  Snag these for 25% off! 

The FACE SHIT bag made by the lovely Girl Scout is my go-to. I love the simplicity and boldness of this cute little canvas bag and it functions perfectly. Add some humor to your make up by snagging this bag for 25% off! 


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