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Sep 16, 2016

Band Of Gypsies ☾✰

Friday finally! Yay for that! This week was a good week - we finalized so big life changes and me and the babe are feeling great about our future. I also started a new little side biz so if you haven't yet go check out my insta @alternativeindigolips - you won't regret it ;) Me and Adam's anniversary is on Monday and it seems crazy that we've been married a whole 2 years. Marriage is a funny and strange thing, haha. The more I think about 'being married' to someone the funnier it is. But I love it. No one in the world I'd rather wake up to every morning than my Uncle Yaddum. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. The air is crisp and screams fall. I'm going to be lighting up my new patchouli candles, make wreaths and clean my disaster of house. Enjoy! 

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