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Aug 24, 2016

Made Of Silk ☾✰

We've had a busy week this past week! I decided to start getting some roofing quotes and somehow it escalated to us getting a new roof! So for the past 3 days we've had people stomping, nailing and screwing (with screws lolz) on our roof. I'm super relieved to just get it done, if you didn't know we had a major leak in the spare bedroom of our home the first time the snow melted :( when we closed on the home they said there was a small leak in that bedroom that was professionally repaired. HAHA. JOKES ON US. So yeah we kinda got screwed in more ways than one on this house but we've properly fixed everything and done the necessary things to maintain our little 1960's red brick rambler. All the neighbors are just tickled pink that we're getting a new roof. Haha. 

I'm lovinggggg how silk is coming back in style and strong girl! I don't think there is a more feminine , pretty and delicate fabric out there. I'm soooo obsessed with this top from Pylo and everything from their site. You guys already know the struggle. So be sure to check them out and get this top! You need it! And have you seen how people style them with little tight white tee's underneath. YAS, PREACH. So if you don't feel comfortable wearing just the silk top you can always throw a little tee underneath and it is so good. 

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