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Jun 20, 2016

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I have been feeling sooo crazy inspired lately! I absolutely love it, it's like I'm on a high on creativity. I know that creativity comes and go's, but when it's here I thrive on it and use every bit of it that I can! Being a creative person presents its challenges. I found this quote from the Free People blog and it was very inspiring and a good way to look at 'creative setbacks':

Tapping into your creativity will not always come without a struggle. Everyone hits ups and downs, the slumps happen, and they can be frustrating. All of a sudden, doubt pours in, you are out of ideas, you’re unhappy with the outcome of your work, or you simply don’t know how to improve.
When handled well, a blockage in creativity can ultimately push you somewhere new. Keep in mind, the momentary frustration is often what propels you forward. Below are tips to overcome the inevitable setbacks. Give them a try, and I promise you’ll find a spark for that inspired flame inside of you. It will be that magical little thing we all call: an idea.

So ya, that's basically what's been on my mind lately! I really want to use my blog as more than just fashion inspiration, I want to promote life inspiration.

Remember, Glamour Kills, Stay Weird.
Thanks Show Me Your Mumu for this beautiful romper. I've never owned a prettier piece.

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