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Mar 1, 2016

What's she burning?

I'm so excited for todays post! I've been dying to share this one with you guys. I'm going to chit chat about my favorite candles ever to burn and where I place candles in my home and my favorite fragrances for different places in our home! So lets dive right into it! 

Kitchen: I find myself spending most of my time in our kitchen. 1) I love to cook. 2) My husband loves to eat! Haha, with that being said the smell of foods in the house is always welcoming; but there's nothing that gets me more excited than cleaning up the whole kitchen after a delicious din din and lighting my favorite candle. I recommend burning clean and fresh fragrances for the kitchen. Something with and herb infused in it! We also have a dinning nook and I like to light a candle on the small bistro set we have to carry the fragerence into each area! 

I'm currently burning: Geranium & Basil by Paddy Wax and Exotic Blossom & Basil by Capri Blue (if you haven't smelt this yet you will DIE) plus the packaging is gold which makes it a beautiful addition to any area!

Family Room/Dining Room: We spend lots of time with guests entertaining in our family room and dinning room. I've always grown up walking into a home that was fully fragranced with the delicious smell of the candle of the month --and I've found myself clinging onto that part of my childhood. Right before guests come or for my own selfish pleasure I run around the house like a mad woman spritzing every room with my Volcano Room spray! (house must smell good!!!)

I'm currently burning: Volcano Signature Large Jar (it smells of tropical fruit and sugared citrus). This candle burns slowly and so evenly! You'll never have to throw one away because it burns funky! Not only that but it fills the whole room with its delicious smell within minutes of lighting it!  And I absolutely love the indigo color of the candle that ties perfect with our indigo accents throughout the home! 

Bathroom: If you don't have a candle in your bathroom--- do it now. I personally love to sit candles on the edge of the tub. To encourage relaxation in the bath tub filled with yummy smells. I've been absolutely swooning over the Mercury Collection by Capri Blue. I mean -- how cute is mercury glass with a jewelry box lid? Done. Are you seeing a theme here yet.... I love the Volcano scent. 

I'm currently burning: Volcano Mercury Jewelry Box With Lid

Bedroom: I loveeeee plopping into my bed after a long day of work, turning on netflix and lighting my favorite candle. I think having candle in your bedroom really helps bring a calming relaxing atmosphere that makes you want to be there. I prefer rich, woody, musky smells for the bedroom. Mostly because it is a place that I share with me and my husband and I want him to love the smell too! 

I'm currently burning: Amber & Smoke and I absolutely love this scent! It seems to be a scent that most guests pick up on because of how unique it is! I wish I could explain it - but words wont do it justice! So you will need to take a wiff of it yourself. A lot of small boutiques carry Paddy Wax brand as well Urban Outfitters.

I hope this posts helps you if you haven't dived in the the obsession of candles and guides you on your future candle buying. If you're already and obsesser maybe you could give some of these scents a go and let me know how you like them! 

*Thank you Capri Blue for sponsoring this post! As always, all thoughts are my own.


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