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Mar 3, 2016

Ride A Bike

So. Once upon a time my work (current day job) *disclaimer* will be pursuing blogging full time March 11th ;). Anyways, once upon a time my work did a Christmas raffle giveaway. There were all sorts of cool prizes like tv's, giftcards, ninja's.... a bike. A bike. A blue huffy bike with a cup holder and a basket. That's all I wanted. So I used visualization and pictured my self riding this bike right? 
Holy shit. I won! My bosses were all laughing so hard because I really won! I won the bike. And that, is my testimony of visualization. Such a powerful thing. Also a hilarious story.

I rode my bike today to Cubby's (delish food in Utah gotta try it, I love the kale and wild rice salad). 
And it was the best ride of my life. I was cruising like there was no tomorrow with a bike that actually caters to my monstrous height and you know what? Life was good. And is good. 

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