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Dec 21, 2015

Winter Wonderland Forever21 X Alternative indigo

guys~ just a few more days until christmas holy cow! can you believe it? i feel like i say this every year but this year really has flown by! it's insane. its been the best year ever, so many adventures, opportunities and growth. we are headed to michigan for christmas. leaving tomorrow right after work! yay for driving 30 hours! haha -- i'm so excited to see my sweet little nephews and squeeze them to death and all of adam's amazing family. it will be a blast. i'm super sad to be away from my family (first christmas gone ever) but they've already spoiled us to death and it's been so fun spending as much time with them as possible right before we leave. we have some crazy exciting news to share (on tuesday that is) and i can't wait to spill the beans! i hope everyone has a safe amazing christmas and this will probably be my last post before then! i love you guys so much and you are the reason this year has been a success. never did i think i could do blogging full time and i'm JUST about there. (will chat with you about that soon). hope you guys love this look! i had so much fun styling it and visioning everything in my head and it came out perfectly. huge thanks to my girl roxana b. photography for taking our pictures and editing them crazy fast! we appreciate and love you! 

merry christmas to all, and to all a good night! 
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my look:
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