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Dec 27, 2015

Ankit Accessories

happy holidays guys! crazy that christmas has come and gone already. i can hardly wait for christmas next year ;) haha. but i'm sure it will be here again before we even know it. i think i enjoy the build up of christmas rather than the actual day ya know? anyone else feel that way? we had a fun time here in michigan with adam's family. it's weird though because there isn't one ounce of snow. not one flake. so we didn't have a white christmas this year -- rather a quite green christmas. and utah got pounded. which is just my luck. i love my white christmas'. anyways. phone accessories are always something i'm on the look out for as well as cute mugs. like.... anyone else wanna admit to those 2 obsessions??? i also have a superrrrr hard time finding cases that show through the rose gold on my phone! which may sound stupid. but i only recently upgraded so i love me some rose gold! anyways i recently came across ankit accessories and all their cute goodness and i.am.obsessed.  but lets talk cat mugs here... yes. must have more cat mugs. how sweet is this one? (omg crying inside). 

i love that all of their accessories are cute, fun and affordable. and they are such good quality they are impossible to pass up! i'm obsessed with the detail on all their phone cases and designs. i love this arrow one and how sweet and dainty the little arrows are on it. and i'm obsessed with this medallion patterned one with the slight variation in color. they also have these things called phone power banks that you charge either with your phone charger or on the computer and they fill up with power so when your phone is almost out of battery you can hook it up to the power bank and get a full charge! (holy run on sentence) buhhhhttttt i love using them traveling because lets be honest finding an electrical outlet when your in the airport is a joke. the end. 

anyways-- i just love everything on their site. they have a coupon code going on now for 30% off your purchase for the new year. just enter code CYANEVER2015 at checkout and baaaazzzinggggg

it's the perfect website for little friend gifts -- knick knacks -- and just anytime you want to treat yourself or someone you love with an extra special goodie. all their stuff is just so funny and sweet. 

check their site out here. who doesn't want the cutest tech accessories anyway? i'm also loving these picks from their site: 

and have a very happy new year! 


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