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Aug 13, 2015

Threads// Embroidery Lovers Dream

for some reason anything and everything that has embroidery just screams at me. it could be that as a young child my grandmother taught me the patience and skill of embroidery so my appreciation has become much great than it would have otherwise. or could it be that there are usually beautiful 

flowers all over embroidery. i'm a sucker for flowers. i haven't let a week pass this summer without a new fresh blossom on my kitchen counter. i can't help myself. so when i cam across little tienda, i just (jaw drop) died. so amazing. couldn't believe the detail in every stitch, the vibrant colors. the welcoming vibe they put off. so here i am, raving, sharing, loving anything and everything on little tienda's website. 

dress// c/o little tienda shoes// c/o little tienda hat// free people 

if this doesn't scream get on my body to you than GO HOME. honestly tho, i put this dress on for a sunday barbecue and didn't want to take it off. even for bed. but it's so beautiful i made myself. and i think i've worn these loafers since the day they came... yes definitely. super comfy. add such a cute eclectic vibe to any look, can be dressed up or down. and you will get a million compliments (per experience) trust me. 

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