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Mar 30, 2015


Shirt - Urban Outfitters // Pants c/o Shop Tobi {on sale} // Choker c/o 5th & Elm // Energy Bracelets c/o Stay Gold Jewelry // 

Babes. So these pants are perfect for s p r i n g and scream festival season! Which for those of you 
that don't know (mom), festival season is 'celebrated' in the fashion world for the purpose of being the most hippie, 70's rockin' babe for the music festivals that are currently taking place. Aka, festival season. Kind of like when cows have babies in the spring, women dress up like hot mamas and get to jam out listening to great freakin' music. Except me. Maybe next year eh? Anyways. 

Printed pants are a definite yes! If you are scared of pattern on top, don't stray away from pattern completely. There are so many endless options for adding a little color and fun into your wardrobe! I especially love the fit and flow to these pants! Effortless and so chic and pretty for spring. They're super light way and comfy which is perfect for the weather! I kept my top super simple and LOVING this top from Urban Outfitters. The fit is perf and it adds such a pretty touch and I decided to bold up my accessories with this hot mama choker from 5th and Elm. 

And of course the hubs old vintage readers. I also recently was gifted these amazing energy bracelets from Stay Gold Jewelry! I haven't taken them off my wrists since I got them! I think it's important to keep good energy in our lives! Let go of the bad and take in all the good baby!! 

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