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Feb 18, 2015

It's My Burrfffdayyyyyyy xx

happy birthday to me! wahoo. how great is that. 22. years young and not counting. yes i'm 22. for some reason people thing i'm a lot older than that. but i'm a little baby child. totally okay with that too.

but yes. today was the day that i decided to make my rip roarin' entrance into the world (bless my mother) and her lack of epidural. and bam. i was here. as a little bald fat faced babe. 

and here i am 22 years later with purple hair and a significant height change. 

birthdays are a funny thing. don't you think? i feel like if we really celebrated everything that happened that was 'good' in life that we'd never stop celebrating. heck. i feel like i've been celebrating since the wedding in september. 



partys over. but enjoy these little birthday pics. my whole outfit is by cotton candy la (i die) and my darling little ballons are from north star balloons. scroll to the bottom for direct links. 


Faux Fur Cardi // c/o Cotton Candy LA
Shirt Dress // c/o Cotton Candy LA 
Balloons // c/o North Star Balloons 
Necklaces // bolo tie x chains x layers


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