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Feb 14, 2015

I love love, and I love you xx

anyone who knows me knows im really not that affectionate of a person. it's just not really.... me. but i show my love in a zillion gillion different other ways. i'm particularly good at expressing the way i feel through writing, pictures & art. i was blessed with one of the most affectionate, caring, kind and thoughtful humans ever to be my lifelong partner and forever best friend. 

that's lucky. 

i think its an amazing special thing when you find your soul mate. its crazy really. a person that fits you to a t. loves all your annoying flaws and habits. and makes you a better person than you could ever imagine. that's love. 

and lucky for me, i get to spend this valentines day, and the rest of the valentines days in existence with you. 

so, here's to 50 things i love about y o u

1. your heart 
2. everything about your face 
3. your musical ability 
4. how passionate you are 
5. your efforts in being manly and trying to grow a grizzly beard (lack there-of)
6. when you do the dishes
7. your mazda 2 (haha) -- and when you do the 'rock on' sign to me every time i pass you
8. your eyes, i pray our babies get your eyes so i can always see you in them
9. your soul 
10. your willingness to pursue adventure 
11. how spontaneous you are 
12. your voice, i love everything about it
13. when you kiss my neck 
14. hello kisses and hugs 
15. listening to music with you 
16. when you discover a kick a$$ song and show me it 
17. going to shows with you 
18. watching alaskan state troopers with you 
19. the noise you make every time i cook 
20. how much you love my food when i cook 
21. when you make music with your headphones off 
22. when you get really excited about something 
23. when you make impulsive decisions -- the good kind
24. flossing our teeth together 
25. how much you spoil me -- with things, kisses, and hand squeezes 
26. the way you proposed to me, it was perfect xx 
27. your skin , its so pretty and so tan and i love it 
28. your round glasses, you look sexy in them 
29. butt cuddles at night 
30. waking you up and kisses in the morning 
31. when you impersonate situations i create and make me laugh my face off 
32. when you tell me i'm beautiful and i know i'm a mess 
33. when you sing 
34. when you play your star caster -- duh 
35. when you perform and i'm up front, being your number one fan 
36. kissing you after you play shows -- yes ladies, that's my babe. looks and that voice. YA
37. when you tickle me -- the good kind of way 
38. when you just wear your boxers around the house 
39. working out with you -- even though i get too competitive -_-
40. the first time we said i love you 
41. walking down the aisle and seeing you for the first time - it was perfect 
42. marrying you, i'd do it a million more times if i could without the planning part x 
43. eating sushi with you 
44. grocery shopping with you -- i know you hate it, but it means a lot to me 
45. knowing we are going to have the cutest little family together
46. your honesty and integrity 
47. going to the farmers market with you and spending every second i can with you 
48. being outdoors with you, i love that you love it as much as i do xx 
49. taking care of you when you get sick , it makes my heart throb a little bit 

50. i love loving you more than i've ever loved anyone in my whole life. i love you, your ability to have me challenge myself like i never have before, your mercy and patience with me, your willingness to compromise, your ability to communicate -- verbally and physically. your touch. your commitment. your last name. i love you so much. happy valentines day to my soulmate and my 
l i f e. you, my dear, are life. my life. i will forever hold the vows we made to each other on our wedding day near and dear to my heart. after all, no one knows what it's like; you and me, you & i. 

may we forever cherish the bond that we have and nourish it forever. i do


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