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Jan 19, 2015

Nothings gonna change my world xx

feeling those good vibes only right now. 

i have had a tumblr for a few months. but i never edited or used it until like TODAY. so yeah, i think i will be on there quite frequently from here on out. it's just better than blogger (sorry not sorry). 

i think tumblr allows you to express yourself easier than blogger because the template is just well... mostly pics. and i'm not much of a talker. haha. 

sometimes a typer. but not really. oh and i got the kayla fitness bikini bod work out plan thanks to my stellar new working friend and i am going to start that! i can't wait. and hear me now, i will have a hot bod this summer. 

2015 is going to be a year dedicated to me being me and feeling comfy in my own albino skin. haha. 

also, so this is sooo gross but i had freakin eczema on my face. yes, my face. and i heard really good things about the aveeno eczema treatment jazz. so i held my breath and spent $12.00 on a little tube of lotion and it seriously went away in one day! i've been struggling and sooo self conscious about it this whole winter! so yeah. note to yourself. 

anyways. i'm kinda blabbing on about nothing. i guess i'm more of a write than i thought. 

here's my tumblr. xx


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