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Dec 31, 2014

2015 inspo xx

2014 has been such a beautiful year. But I can hardly wait for what 2015 brings.

This year I am no longer letting myself hold myself back. I am going to take risks like never before. And live for myself and my beautiful life. I will push myself like I haven't ever before and I will love more passionately then I ever thought I could. I feel so inspired and driven for this new year that I can hardly contain my excitement.

Here is a little inspo from me for the beginning of 2015. Also, follow me on Pinterest for daily inspo. Alternative Indigo. And my newest board x Daily Inspo For Your Coffee xx.

Have the happiest New Years babes. I am so excited for this new year.

All of these photos are from Pinterest and are not mine! Please feel free to comment below with photo cred or if they are your images and I would be happy to provide cred. 



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