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Aug 14, 2014

How To Style Balm Apparel T's

Basically you don't have to. Haha, like you could probably prance around naked with one of Balm's Tee's on like it aint no thang. Every time I wear my 'Go Away' tee I get compliments on it! And I just love it, because it's like, k I have pink hair, I already know your staring hard... read my shirt,,, and now you feel awkward. Hahahahaa. I can basically read humans 99% of the time. Anyways, I think I want to incorporate my emotions into my posts a little bit more.

Like this 'Go Away' shirt.

I just really hate negative people, I also hate people that don't let things go. I think mostly because I'm not one to hang around and feel sorry for myself about anything. Listen here everyone, everyone has been through that 'shitty relationship', everyone's had a 'bad accident', and most people have had something 'bad happen to a loved one.' It's life.

And you know what's so beautiful about that? Everything.

Because when you go through all those deep painful emotions, you see how beautiful life really is. And how much joy the good times bring. And you more fully appreciate beautiful positive things that come into your life. Cherish those emotions, worship those people. Love as hard as you can. Life's too damn short not to.

Well, that's that. Enjoy and happy Monday.

Shirt / c/o Balm Apparel / Skirt / Boohoo Official / Sneakers / OLD similarhere / Sunnies / Gypsy Warrior similarhere / Socks / Boohoo Official / Necklace / Nasty Gal /  Photography / Roxana B. Photography /

Live and let live babes. Peace. 


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