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Jun 27, 2014

Best Friends, Soul Mates, No Words Give This Justice

Hi! So as many of you probably already know.... WE'RE ENGAGED. So I thought it would be nice to do a little post about how it all happened. I knew it was coming... for way too long... and I also knew the end of the month was coming to an end and it had to happen any day! So basically I was an anxious mess. Thursday came around and Adam called and asked me to come to the Studio to sit in on a session (I'm thinking... this is it... it's not really going to be a session... he's gotta do it!) So I get to the studio... and it's a session. I was bummed... Whatever. K so then a hour goes by and we walk out and depart from the musicians and Adam says "Wanna get some dinner?", I'm thinking yes... something quick and easy... then he says... "Follow me, let's go to Station 22." K so my heart HAD A MINI HEART ATTACK. That was the restaurant we went to the day after we both had said "I love you." I knew it was gonna happen, we ordered the same things we ordered last time the and mixed it up a little bit with our main courses and I thought it was gonna happen any minute and then... Next thing I know I'm following Adam home in my car. So now I'm freaking out more, smiling so much that I'm embarrassed, thinking (oh my gosh he can see me smiling through his rear view mirror) Which shouldn't be embarrassing at all. So I just cover my face the whole time I'm driving with my pink hair (way less noticeable right?) Haha so we get home, and there's a note on the door, and it's the sweetest most heart felt thing. It lead me to another note, and another, and another, until I had walked around the house in all the most precious places. Finally the last note was under the pillow, I had to dig for it a little and then I turned around and Adam was on his knee. The man of my dreams with the ring of my dreams. My heart about stopped and I've never felt such a flood of happiness in my entire life. Of course we had to finish the most perfect day ever with Yogurtland. I am so lucky to be blessed with a love like I have. I will forever cherish it, and nurture it and never take it for granted. I am so lucky to be best friends with my soul mate. I love you forever and always Adam. I can't wait to be a Mrs. Xo.



  1. That's totally adorable, so cute & romantic. You two are going to be great together forever. Love it & am so happy for you both! XOXOXOXO

  2. Congrats Alexis! Married life is the best life :) So happy for you.

    1. Thanks Ella! I'm so excited! You and your hubby make a beautiful couple! I need your address for our announcements!

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