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Hi babes! So this is my first post with PURPLE hair! Crazy right?? I had no idea I'd ever be a purple head but here I am. Purple headed. It's pretty fun, sometimes I forget I have an unusually unnatural hair color and people will stare at my hair and I'm thinking 'like what dude... you have a weird face too..' and then I remember... chill out yo you have purple hair. Anyways, so I found this darling little smock dress at Boohoo Official, from the UK. P.S. if you haven't yet visited their site... Get on that stat. You can literally choose what you wear by the 'type' and it's easy shopping from there. They have current trends and the whole 9 yards. Only downside is it is from the UK and it took longer than your typical 5-7 business days. And there's import tax... But TOTALLY worth it. Because they have such amazing, cute clothes. Anyways, smock dresses are darling for this summer, I wore mine with some leggings but they are super cute with just your legs and some cute booties =). As with most my favorite pieces, you can wear them with anything! And almost anywhere. Anyways, do something fun and daring this summer, like dying your hair the color you've always wanted to but always been scared to. It's fun, and it's hair (believe it or not it grows back). Xox.

/ Smock Dress / Boohoo Official / Hat / OLD similarhere / leggings / old SIMILARHERE / Shoes / H&M similarstyle / Sunnies / similarhere / Photography / Roxana B. Photography

P.S. We found this random couch and of course I wanted to jump on it... So that's how this photoshoot went down. Thanks for looking babes! 

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Alexis Kaiser

Alexis Kaiser

Hi! I'm Alexis Kaiser. Welcome to Alternative indigo! I'm 24 years old and married my best friend Adam Kaiser in 2014. Alternative indigo started with simple outfit posts on my personal Instagram and turned into my Fashion and Lifestyle journal! We live in Provo, Utah and just bought our first home together! Glamour kills ☾ Stay weird ✰

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