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May 1, 2017


30 weeks pregnant today say what?! Like I remember asking a friend how far along she was and she said 30 weeks and I was like HOLY COW YOU'RE SO CLOSE. I mean I still have 10ish weeks to go but it's going to flyyyyy by. We have another midwifery appointment this Friday and also have a follow up appoint to check on baby girls kidneys on the 16th! (I will go into more detail some other time - but we're really not worried at all). Baby girl is about the size of a large cabbage. She is 15.7 inches long now and weighs about 3 pounds. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her and will start to shrink as she grows larger. Her eyesight is continuing to develop. 

I know some girls hate the girls that say they genuinely love being pregnant but I'm one of those girls. Honestly this pregnancy has been sooo smooth and I've been so very lucky and blessed to have it go as smoothly as it has. I just feel like me, with a basketball out in front. I'm officially grunting when I get up and down and definitely have a little more junk in the trunk but hey, mamahood right? I'm glad that's where my body has decided to store the extra fat I'll need for breastfeeding than anywhere else on my body. 

We are almost done with our birthing classes and they have been going so good! We are using The Curtis Method hypno-birthing for our baby's birth and it's been such a bonding, educational class. I think that a huge part of the fear of childbirth is our lack of knowledge in that department. Taking a birthing class that has filled me to the brim with knowledge (along with my own research) has been amazing! I truly feel prepared for anything and everything that will come my way when she decides to come earth-side. I also have been listening to the podcast The Birth Hour and they are amazing! Basically a podcast full of birth stories, everything from at home water births, to emergency surgical births to normal epidural births at the hospital! I love hearing women's pregnancy and birthing journeys and I feel like it's really prepared me for any curve balls that could be thrown our way. 

We also purchased quite a few parenting books that I thought I'd share from amazon that have really helped me! 

Let me know if there are any you recommend that I missed! I love reading about parenting and learning how to communicate with our littles ones. So fun! 


30 weeks! 


Baby is a large cabbage. About 3 lbs.


21 lbs. 


Yes - Everything is tight and wont fit over my bump. Haha, wearing sweatpants at home as much as possible.


Sleeping pretty good. Been having some bad dreams. I blame Breaking Bad before bed. Needing naps again in the afternoon. 


Hmmm, well she kicked my bladder and I almost peed my pants. And I've peed myself twice from sneezing so that's funny/hilarious/I want to remember. 


My bum gets sore from sitting too long, grunting and needing assistance when sitting. Haha, putting on shoes is a definite struggle. Fatigued in the afternoon. Face is super clear though!! 


Orange juice, Lara Bars, Water, Bananas, Ben & Jerry's (naughty) Half Baked Ice Cream, Acai Bowls


Dairy. Meat. Hamburgers. (the same) Leftovers (can't handle).


Little baby girl.


Nope. And thank goodness! 


Literally who even has a belly button now a days? 


Pants buttoning up. Skirts zipping up all the way. Running and feeling normal. Putting on shoes without the struggle. Not making sound effects all the time lol. 


Our birthing class this week, our midwife appointments this month. Our first doula appointment at the end of this month. Trip to Michigan on the 17th! 


Keeping track of babies movements and movement patterns. 

☾✰ BUMP?

Ohhhh yes. It's a big ole basketball. Carrying her very high and round :) 



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