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Aug 7, 2016

Always In The Mood ☾✰

Happy Sunday Friends! Man this weekend was a blast! My family all went up to Lava Hot Springs in Idaho and spent the night and did so fun water activities! We headed up on Friday morning and got home on Saturday evening. My parents had booked us all hotel rooms in The Lava Hot Springs in. Upon checking in, the front desk manager informed my parents that the hotel was haunted but only with nice ghosts so there was nothing to worry about. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. K BYE. So they come back to meet up with us at the pool and let us in the new information about where we will BE SLEEPING. K you guys I'm dying at this point. So we bring all our stuff into this tiny little hotel. Which we find out used to be the town hospital. Me and the babe are staying in the RECOVERY ROOM and my sister and her hubby were in the freakin operating room and I'm not sure about my parents and my brothers room. Haha, it was just a super vintage looking room. Every room was mismatched and they just had a bed and a smaller dresser in the room and then the bathrooms were shared in the hall. *crying laughing emoji* Anyways, I was super tired so I wasn't really worried about getting haunted. But at approximately 1:16 a.m. I hear foot steps in the hallway and keys jangling. I'M FREAKING OUT K. So terrified. I tried to be brave and not wake up Adam so I was just staring out the window when I notice that BATS ARE LOOSING THEIR SHIT AND FLYING IN CIRCLES RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR WINDOW. I'm done so I wake up Adam and I'm like k honey there is a ghost outside our door and bats outside our window I'm scared. He was super sweet and tried to calm me down and of course he immediately fell back asleep. Like he has so much chill. Well I have no chill and I literally couldn't sleep. I turned on the light, left it on and woke up on the hour every hour to make sure I was still alive. I wake up at the butt crack of dawn at 7:00am after this whole fiasco and immediately go to my mom's room and explain what I heard and WHAT she heard the same thing. DYING. Maddy comes running over saying she heard a child laughing and running up and down the stairs. SO BASICALLY WE'RE ALL NOT CHILL AF. 

We head down to breakfast and we let the staff in on our experience that night and they chuckle. There was a woman 'disturbing the peace' in the middle of the night and security had to go up and tell her to please take her child back to her room and be quite. So we legit were tripping for no reason and it was a real human not a ghost. So yeah. That's that. I was secretly hoping that it legit was a ghost with all the scariness that I put my poor little self through but I was sorely disappointed. 

And that's that. Happy Sunday friends! 

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