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Dec 2, 2015

Customizable Christmas Gifts

hi guys! i'm super excited about todays post. per usual-- i like being excited like all the time! haha, but i'm excited for this one because it's my favorite time of year && that means buying gifts for all your loved ones! and let me tell you-- that can be super tricky! like as you get older it's like... k sis.... what do you need in life? that's where the fun begins. this year, for your picky gifters i don't think there is a better gift than a customized lap top skin or phone case from caseapp. like.... everyone has some kind of a lap top laying around somewhere && who doesn't want a phone case that no one else in the world has?!

i had so much fun designing my customized phone case and laptop skin! i just found some of my favorite clip art from google and sized it to fit the skin/case and wah-lahhh! magic. i literally got the skin and ran and put it on my laptop i was so excited. and now it looks so cute! and i'm obsessed with this perfect floral print phone case i got! it provides a ton of protection and it's so hard finding the perfect floral print, so i'm glad i got to choose mine!

now is the perfect time to get some customized skins && phone cases for those tricky gifters-- and for anyone on the good list!

use my code 'INDIGO20%' on caseapp.com for 20% off your purchase!
happy holidays!

*thanks Caseapp for sponsoring this post!


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  1. It's really a good idea. Halloween is coming. I want to buy some gifts for my families and friends. The cases are amazing. How much are they?


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