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Jun 6, 2015

How To Style Denim w/ Nasty Gal

Jacket // c/o Nasty Gal // Pants c/o Nasty Gal // Hat Nasty Gal // Shoes c/o Nasty Gal // Necklace c/o Mahka Jewels // Bracelet c/o Mahka Jewels // 

Hi guys! So I collabed with Nasty Gal to bring to you 'how to style denim'. Denim is soooo good. Or sooo bad. But, here's a good example of good denim. Real good denim. I think that when styling denim you need to first figure out what kind of denim looks good on you. Whether that's fit and flare, boot cut, skinny jean, bells. Whatever, find your fit. It's so important to find pants that look good and make you feel good. And even if that means spending a little cash $$$ for pants that aren't floods, totes worth it. 

Because I'm so tall I really like wider legged pants that fit snug on my waist. That's just me. And that's what I like. I feel like it elongates me and makes my bum look a little smaller. Haha. 

Anyways, onto the actual styling of denim. For me the better the pants, the less you need. Everything about these pants to me say "hey lady, freaking make me the focal point." So that's what I did. 

I think you can't really go wrong styling a sick nasty pair of pants with a white tank. It's chic, simple, and you can accessorize how ever you want. Which I love because I LOVE accessories. 

Now I know it's basically summer but this jacket was too good to pass up. I love the fringe, the black suede and basically everything about it. It's still not too distracting from the pants but compliments them oh so nicely. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you get the best pants ever, you don't really need to fret the rest of your outfit. And that's how I style denim. #NastyGalsDoItBetter

I've linked some of my favorite denim from Nasty Gal below.

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