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Jun 7, 2015

Customize Yer Lyfe //

Thanks Rach & Ed for the cute house warming gift! xo
Cutest coaster everrrrr with personalized pics of me and my babe and some of the best memories.
Amber snack set VINTAGE & hand-painted cactus & pot by Sonora Supply Co.

Hey guys! Honestly I don't think there is anything that really says 'this is my house' more than custom touches here and there. I'm not saying a giant sign with your last name on it. But little details. That you have to search for but when you do it's like.. ugh... warm heart love that. 

Picture It On Canvas does just that. You provide high resolution images to them and BAM you can print it on anything. I chose a mug and coasters because I needed them BOTH and I love the simplicity of it. I think it makes the perfect house warming gift or any kind of gift for that matter. 

Hope you guys like this as much as I do. 

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