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Jan 12, 2015

From Day To Night xx Featuring Nasty Gal


My one weakness in life is Nasty Gal. Why you ask? DUH. The brand is amazing. Everything they stand for including being a #GirlBoss is just *stars stars stars*. When they say #NastyGalsDoItBetter they aren't kidding. 

I recently had the amazing opportunity to style an outfit sponsored by Nasty Gal from Day to Night. There are so many endless options when making an outfit a day look to a night look. I think the key is incorporating louder, flashier more sophisticated pieces into your night look. I think something as simple as pulling up your hair and adding a pretty crown can make a HUGE difference. Also, adding a pop of lip color and some sexy shoes will do the trick. 

These are the pretties I chose. Hope you like it. 

From Day....

To Night...

Sweater Dress // c/o Nasty Gal 
Sequin Blazer // c/o Nasty Gal (soldout)
Glasses // c/o Nasty Gal 
Sandals // old LOVETHESE & these
Boots // c/o Nasty Gal 
Socks // Nasty Gal 
Photography // Maria Camila



  1. Such a babe! I LOVE nasty gal! They are my go-to lately! Love both outfits! :)

  2. GIRL! These photos are incredible. You are rockin it.


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