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Jan 7, 2015

Dat Denim Tho xx

I am a SUCKER for boyfriend jeans. Like for real. If your outfit has you feeling like mehhhh you throw them on and then all the sudden your outfit is like whaaaaaa? *heart eyed emoji*

Basically they are the bomb. You need a pair yesterday. They are perfect for summer or winter.

So get on that.

Also, as stated 3,000,000 times before. Totally obsessed with Electric West. And how amazing is this shirty dress from her shop.... I know. This is also my favorite hat that was ever invented. I got it from Nasty Gal and it's sold out now... But their Brixton hats never disappoint. Best investment ever. Are hats. They seriously make the biggest difference for an outfit and they are just amaze.

So hope you enjoy this lovelies.

P.S. I got a new job, it's basically the bomb. I'm no longer clinically depressed so I will be blogging again.

K bye.

Photography // Caaamilaaaaaa
Shirty Dress // c/o Electric West 
Jeans // Forever21 similarhere
Hat // Nasty Gal similarcolorhere
Shoes // OLD similarhere


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