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Jun 4, 2014

Pizzzaaaaa Plzzzzzzzz

FINALLY. A blog post that literally describes my personality perfectly. Haha, me and Roxana had lots of fun with this shoot and I was feeling real sassy and confident in this amazinggggg pizza sweatshirt. (P.S. my mom hates this outfit so hard). But mama don't hate me cause you aint me. Just kidding I love you so hard. But I love food on clothing for some reason. Haha it just makes everything in my life better. So go out and instead of buying yourself chunky thighs by yourself a nice pizza sweatshirt. Alright that's it. Amen.

Sweatshirt / Forever21 similarhere / Shorts / Nasty Gal / Shoes / H&M / Glasses / similarhere / Photography / Roxana B. Photography


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