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Jun 9, 2014

Birthday Boy (Age Anonymous)

Well we finally had some time to ourselves and got to celebrate Adam's birthday! We both worked today but I got off a couple hours early and went and ran some errands like a crazy person and I thought I had plenty of time when I got a phone call and it was Adam and he said, "What I don't get a kiss or nothing??" And I was super confused and I guess he was in the parking lot and I was so distressed and running around that I didn't even see him pull in! Haha, but when he came home I had some of his favorite goodies sitting on the table, and balloons and a Happy Birthday banner. I took him to Shoga, a sushi restaurant that was SO GOOD. And I had a slice of Magelby's carrot cake waiting for him with some candles! He loves his carrot cake! The funny thing is I was laughing so hard when I lit the candles because not only were they sparkly, but they were sparking and he thought they were the trick candles because they were so hard to blow out!! Anyways, we have been stuffed for hours and I had so much fun throwing a mini celebration for Adam. I think he ended up being a real happy boy! Here's some pictures of the big day!


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