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May 8, 2014


Hey guys!
So I've been dying to go on a limb and make a big hair change for a long time!
I love changing my hair up and doing fun/different things that are super unexpected!
Hence my random blonde streak by my face in my old hair-do.
I think hair is such a great way to express yourself and is so fun to play around with.
BUT can we talk about finding a good hairstylist that actually does exactly
what you say? Ya so hard. I finally found the most amazing hair-dresser at
Suggestions Salon and then she moved to Texas! Total bummer right?
But I started following Luke Decker from Lunatic Fringe Salon
and I LOVED all his work.
He blended so well and he had very consistent work! 
Then I worked with THEE AMAZING Jade Baird for a photo shoot and she said that
she got her hair done by him so I was convinced I had to go to him!
Anyways I scheduled an appointment with him and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER.
I've never felt so comfortable going in for the first time to someone and wanting
a big change. I showed him a picture for literally 5 seconds and he's like "K, got it."
And he really did "Have it." My hair inspiration came from the amazing Ainsley
from the infamous Sticks and Stones Agency.

This was the picture that I showed Luke before pursing my new look.

This is the crazy foil process I went through! They pamper you so much at Lunatic Fringe
I was in heaven.

And this is after everything was colored/toned/styled!

And this is the BEFORE/AFTER

What I'm trying to say is if your looking for a new hairstylist Luke is your man!
The Salon's phone number is 801.432.8533

4640 S. Hollday Blvd.
Ste. 106
Holladay, UT 84117
You're welcome! xx.


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