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May 28, 2014

Chill Out Bro

Hello! I don't know about you guys but sometimes I just need to dress comfy. Like basically all the time.... But I try to make sure I chill out on the 'chillin' out' sometimes. But in today's post I basically just wanted a super chill 'errand running' outfit. Or basically I didn't wanna try to hard today outfit and that's exactly what I got! I think that with the Spring weather you can still get away with wearing beanies, especially when you pair it with a tank. It's a grungy simple statement that screams Spring! I hope you guys like this! Also the raw food cleanse it still trucking along great! We are trying to ease in it because it's such a big change but I love the way my body feels already!

Shirt / H&M / Pants / OLD similarhere / Shoes / Walmart (yes.. total steal look alike Birks) / Purse / Thrift Shop Find / Sunnies / H&M / Beanie / Brixton / Photography / Roxana B. Photography /


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