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Jul 6, 2017


You guys know I'm a sucker for anything and everything that has to do with natural beauty. I'm constantly on the hunt for amazing products with amazing ingredients made by amazing humans. I've talked about Pink House Organics before but with the release of so many new products I couldn't help but do another round up on some of my favorites! Me and Chantel had so much fun creating this fun lookbook and I hope you enjoy it too! 

Photos by Chantel Marie

So in my last post I touched base on my obsession with their Glow Sticks. I'm happy to report I'm still o b s e s s e d with them.  They have so many pretty colors and they go on so smooth! Some of my favorite colors are Champagne, Peach, Ice and Copper! 

I also got to try out their face wash, face lotion and face mask. All of which I love! It's just so nice reading the ingredient panel and actually being able to pronounce all the ingredients anddd knowing all their products are small batch and made with love! Everything also smells divine and is great for sensitive skin! I actually have been using their face wash on my tummy to and it's helped a ton with the itchiness of my growing belly and over-all sensitivity! So praises to that. 

Side note: Loveeeee that their face wash doesn't strip your face of it's natural oils. You don't feel dry and bare like a lot of other cleansers make you feel after using them. You feel supple and dewy. Which I most definitely prefer! 

And can we please just talk about the packaging as well? Like who doesn't want these products sitting on their counter and in their shower just looking cute as shit.

Lastly, I've got to rave about their bath bombs and dry shampoo! I love how the dry shampoo is dispensed and it soaks up oils like a gem. Their bath bombs are so dreamy and amazing in the tub, they smell divine and I really am so obsessed with them! 

Honestly, if you're just looking for a super natural beauty line with ingredients that you can trust I highly recommend checking out Pink House Organics. You have to read about their back story - it's a tear jerker. And just getting to know more about the ladies that created this brand make you love the brand more and more. I'm so grateful for passionate men and women in the beauty industry that really are looking out for our best interest! 



  1. I'm always looking for good organic beauty products! Loved your look book and the recommendations

  2. I have used pink clay mask for a long time and I know the if it's a truly wonderful. The copper peptide mask is really good for the face.

  3. I have used crimson clay mask for a long time, and I realize the if it's a virtually super.


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