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Jun 27, 2016

Birds of Paradise ☾✰

Hi all! Every once in a while I like to journal a bit before posts. Mostly for me to look back and have a chance to read wtf was happening in my life but also to have a little reality check with you guys and let you know that yes, I'm a real human and yes I go through real human things. This past little I've been watering our lawn by hand because we tried to turn our sprinkler system on and it was shot. We had to dig up the entire manifold and basically start from square one. Living close to the river made digging a hole no easy task. We would just hit rock after rock after rock and it was super difficult to make any progress. After Adam did the majority of the work to get the manifold out I dug a 5 ft trench so we had some working room. 

We thought that the third line to the back of the yard was going to be shot and had broke somewhere because it wouldn't turn on at all manually. So I was mentally preparing to dig another 5 feet. My dad came down (praise the Lord almighty) and helped up install a whole new manifold and my hubby spend the following day adjusting the system and making sure that it hit all my precious flowers and garden. MISSION SUCCESSFUL! I don't think there is anything more rewarding than doing something yourself. Call it pride but I call it accomplishment and self worth. I love learning new things and how to fix things! And now I feel confident that we could fix just about anything on our sprinkler system which is super rewarding. After 15+ runs to Home Depot, 4 days of digging, a lot of swear words and getting soaked we fixed the damn thing. 

And that's the end of my story.

I've been moon swooning over EVERYTHING Show Me Your Mumu has to offer since forever. This dress is just another WIN. It's perfect. It actually is a top and a high waisted skirt but when worn together it looks like a dreamy piece of cake. Hope you enjoy this look! 

Pictures by my love. 

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