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May 19, 2016

Summer Workout Routine ☾✰

Hi babes! I finally have a workout routine up and published for you guys! You and view it here or for a full screen video check it out on my YouTube and please like the video and don't forget to subscribe! 

As described in the video I've been doing this workout 3 times a week and I like to mix it up in between with yoga, hiking + Kayla Itsines. I really love watching Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (she's great and it's free) and we all know how deathly Kayla Itsines is so that's that. 

Also, I've been using IdealShape products to help assist in the over all performance of my exercise routine and it is working wonders! They have so many amazing products and really give me the extra boost I need to stay motivated and not get discouraged. I've been loving their Ideal Shake for after workouts as well as meal replacements when my schedule gets crazy. I definitely don't ever want to skip out on meals and getting the nutrients I need to carry on during the day! I also love their Ideal Boost as a little pre-workout(ish) supplement to help get me energized and ready to workout. They also have the yummiest snack bars ever! Be sure to give them a taste! All of their products are so good, I am glad they allowed me to try them for free and asked
that I share this video with all of you.

I've got a link for you guys if you're interested in purchasing any of the products I used in this video here!

It's so important to take care of your body and stay in shape for YOU! I don't just workout because it makes me look better, I work out because it makes me feel a million times better. I hope this video provides some motivation for you to get out side and enjoy beautiful mother nature and get moving! And we can be support buddies! 

Don't forget, Glamour kills ☾ Stay weird ✰.


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