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Feb 3, 2016

Diffuser Business

So lately me and the babe can't seem to keep the sickness away around here. We've turned to all natural remedies because we're really not medicine crazy! I personally am a HUGE believer in essential oils (I worked for Doterra when I first moved out of the rents house). And after I became educated and got to try all the oils I was hooked. I still have friends buy me their softgels and oils! One that I really can't imagine going through the winter without is the On-Guard Flu Bomb softgels. They. Are. Amazing. Any and everytime I feel the head buzz or the snuffles I turn to my softgels and BAM sickness be gone. Disclaimer: I am not a Doterra Distributor this is 100% my honest opinion. With that out of the way I can continue to rant about my softgels. The reason I like the softgels is because the oil On-Guard is amazing but I absolutely loathe the taste and smell of it. Some people love it! It kinda smells like Christmas but I just can't handle it. But anyways I get all the benefits (and more) from just taking the softgels topically.

I also am obsessed with diffusing oils in our home when sickness comes around and when we need some aromatic good vibes floating around. This little diffuser from Vanity Planet called the Aroma1 diffuser has got to be one of my favorite diffusers I've ever seen. It's tiny little design gets the job done and doesn't take up hardly any space! It's therapeutic and great for your home environment. I love diffusing Eucalyptus, Lavender and any Citrus Fruit oil in my diffuser.

I've got a nice little coupon code for you guys. You can use code alexisjade at www.vanityplanet.com 
and recieve 50% off your purchase taking the diffuser from $60.00 to $30.00. So if you've been in the market for a diffuser now is the time!

Hope you guys liked this! And get yourself some softgels here. Also get your diffuser here.

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