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Nov 30, 2015


i can't believe tomorrow is december first! this month has been so crazy full of things i could have never imagined happening but i'm so excited they are! it's on the shhh right now but i can't wait to tell you guys! twiggy is sick again :( does any one else have super emotional sickly cats?

i swear she gets super sick any time someone comes over or she's stressed or has a bad dream. it's crazy. i feel so bad :( i can tell the little thing is in pain :( but she will hopefully be feeling better tomorrow. 

hope you guys love this look as much as i do. nothing like the perfect pattern on the perfect shaped shirt. it's hard to find. don't believe me? go look! 

oh and hey, you can get this shirt on gypsy warrior here

and shop up to 70% off on select styles on gypsy warrior right meow for cyber monday!! 


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