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Nov 23, 2015

Alternative indigo X Forever21

hi bebes! this year has brought so many humbling experiences && collaborations but hearing from forever21 was a huge surprise and i couldn't be more grateful and excited to have gotten the chance style an outfit for their new contemporary line!

basically for this look i wanted something super edgy and chic and sporty! something i don't normally do but i'm so obsessed with how this whole look turned out! there is nothing more fulfilling as a blogger than to vision an outfit, location && how you want it to look and feeling like you did just that! i think the worst thing we can do is trap ourselves in our comfort zone in fashion, if i want to be a 70's babe one day and a punk rocker from the 1990's then i shall do that! haha, but for real, going outside of your comfort zone is the best thing ever.

so i hope you guys like this as much as i do!
huge thanks to Forever21 for sponsoring this post!

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necklaces 1 & 2


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