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well me and jimi are chillin on the couch and im feeling much better! yay for me! yay for life! jimi normally attacks my keyboard so hard but he's being a little sweetie right now and twiggy is being a creep in my closet per usual. haha, i think i talk about my cats to much. but they legit are my friends. and children.

idk. i feel like i've been uber exhausted lately. anyone else feelin' me? i got mono like a million bajillion years ago and it still hits me like a rock every time that time of year comes around. i've kinda felt writers block lately too. i just wanna like, make a nice bath with a bath bomb from lush with some delicious candles and just go with the flo.

maybe eat some pho. idk. i hate how that's pronounced, fahhhh. fuhhh? idk.

pics by: chantel marie photography

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Alexis Kaiser

Alexis Kaiser

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