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Oct 25, 2015

Threads// Lotus Flower

i recently had the amazing opportunity of collaborating with hooked productions -- to introduce them they are an amazing brand that stands for amazing things -- they have a motto 'live the life you love' as an attempt to inspire everyone to live deeply and enjoy all of life's moments, count your blessings and give thanks rather than wishing for more +++ hooked productions creates their own concepts, images, and garments. their sustainable bamboo and organic cotton clothing is created with ultimate comfort and consciousness in mind, promoting a progressive message, for living a joy filled life. amaze. +++ they hope to inspire individuals around them with their conscious effort in being green, creative && living and loving life +++ their always on the path of evolution and constantly working on being present!

i love everything this company represents and all they have to offer and that's why i'm super excited to share this look with you! who doesn't like looking cute and stylish while working out? i know i do, and they're clothes are rad enough to wear grocery shopping or even to run errands.

i hope we can all make a conscious effort in being more green and earth conscious and helping support brands like this that are truly standing for amazing movements. enjoy life a little more and wish for a little less.

vibrating lotus long sleeve
YV dress
chakra leggings
*Huge thanks to Hooked Productions for sponsoring this post!


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