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Sep 21, 2015

Pink Hair Transformation //

babes. i finally made it back pink. and hollllyyyyy cow it has been craziness. for those of you that don't know i went pink last year for my wedding and for some reason in the fall i had a freak out attack and felt like everyone had pink hair all the sudden and decided to go mint and it kinda went down hill from there. basically i thought i'd never ever be pink again and it was over. me, being a natural brunette, probably level 4 (hair ladies) it's pretty hard to achieve the bright white blonde that you need in order to go a fashion color. buttttt did that stop me? no, i teamed up with mandie sue styles and we made some magical things happen. i thought i'd share my hair transformation with you because holy cow we went through a lot of time and hard work to get it back pink and keep the health of my hair! i've linked mandie's youtube video below if you want to see the step by step video tutorial and snag the formula we used!
k, so first off, how amazing is this to see it side by side? like literally so crazy that i was that dark. and p.s. my hair was pretty dry to begin with so doing this and not even hurting my hair! thanks to mandie's expertise and a little help from olaplex we made it! from a level 4 to a level 10. incase you don't know what levels are in hair color levels are measured with 1 being the darkest and 10 being the lightest. you basically need to be a level 10 in order for fashion colors to pop when you apply them.
so after 2 color extractor applications and one application of bleach we were at the level on the 2nd to last picture where you can see it was like a brassy yellowish color. we had to do round 2 of bleach the following day to brighten it up because my hair was resistant and didn't want to take on the pink! haha, which was a long process. but that's what you need to expect when you're going from being brunette to pink. also, thanks to the help of bomb shell extensions we added some thickness and filled in the 'holes' of my hair which makes me feel like one piece! we used 20in tape ins and then cut them to my natural length. because i didn't want too long of hair! i love tape in extensions because they really do help your hair grow. you find that you put way less heat, and your broken off pieces have time to rest and grow back. we also left a bit of a root for a more 'rooty' look, i always liked my hair more when the roots grew in a bit when i had pink hair before and it will help with the line of demarcation when my natural hair starts growing in on the top! i definitely recommended doing a more rooty look if you are a brunette and going this light, it just ties everything in and helps bring the whole look together :)
pink is always tricky with the formulation! we ended up with a tropical ombre and i love it! the ends are a bit more cool then the top but i'm soooo happy to be pink again! eventually we will get the color all even and get the formulation perfect! but as with all fashion colors that takes time too! especially if you're a brunette. but fashion colors are forgiving and wash out faster than i'd like (which makes room for formulation changes).
i am now very very careful with my hair to prevent any breakage because it needs some time to rest! haha, i used redken extreme anti snap when my hair is wet and also redken pillow proof blow dry express primer as a heat protectant! i am also using olaplex treatments 1 - 2 times a week, using #3 before shampooing and conditioning my hair. also mandie advised i get a silk pillow case (i haven't yet but will this week) so when i sleep i don't cause any breakage.
other than that, i wash my hair with cold water and only wash it 1 - 2 times a week. sounds yuck.... buttttttt... my hair hardly gets greasy at all. i use dry shampoo every once in a while but i've trained my hair to be used to not getting washed so it doesn't get greasy anymore.
i am going to do a youtube video as well with my experience going pink and let you guys see it in real life! please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below! i'd love to answer any questions you might have. i wanna give mandie a hugeeeee shout out she is seriously the kindest, most patient, sweetest lady i've ever met and she's sooo talented. be sure to follow her on instagram! i will link all her social media below! don't don't forget to follow bombshell extensions!
mandie's youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThatBlondeGirlMandie SUBSCRIBE GUYS!
bombshell extensions website: http://www.bombshellextensions.com/
bombshell extensions instagram: https://instagram.com/bombshellextensions/
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