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Aug 3, 2015

Beauty// Crude Personal Care

alright guys, so i'm soooooo excited about this post because you all know how passionate
i am about taking care of yourself in the most natural way possible, 
that meaning feeding your body whole foods, using natural beauty products
& products around the home that are natural. soooo i heard about this 'oil' from a friend
once at a basketball game, she said that she's been using this cleansing oil and swapped
out all her current face products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) the whole 9 yards all for 
this oil. obvi, i was immediately like, k duh. i need this. so lucky for my CRUDE found
my blog and was like hey, we are freakin' awesome and have a product you'd like, try it. 
(not really... but you get the jist). sooo here comes crude in the mail and i'm basically
peeing myself with excitement. i immediately surrender all of my facial cleanser, toner (except
rose water) & moisturizer for CRUDE. 

and here i am. addicted, in love. and ya, i bought a second bottle because i went through the entire
first bottle, fell head over heels in love with this product and i am NOW providing my CRUDE 
personal care review! i thought i'd show you a 'before' and a '3 weeks into it' picture. excuse the 
beauty overload. ugh barf. for real kinda embarrassing but whatever. that's what reviews are
for. anddddd i'd do a like 'what to expect' type deal. 

so day 1, using CRUDE, first reaction, smells amazing, feels amazing, microfiber clothes are to DIE 
for and it took my makeup off like a champ. did i feel super weird not getting a zing and
feeling the 'clean and clear zing', sure. felt a little bit like something was missing.
did i really want to put moisturizer on even though my skin was dewy and looked delicious? 
ya, i did. because that's what we're taught to do, cleanse, tone, moisturize repeat. 

which obviously wasn't working for my combination acne prone skin. 

speeding things up going into week 1, LOVING CRUDE. getting use to just using it, 
not feeling the need to moisturize, which btw if you do feel dry or have those combination
areas, all you do is put a tiny amount of CRUDE directly to that area and wahhhlaaaa
perfectly moisturized. all. day. long. 

going into my third week.... CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT CRUDE. using it 2x daily. morning and night. 
see a HUGE improvement on my red, blemish prone skin. the blemishes are gone. the dry
flakes have disappeared. i even used it on my nose ring that was infected and sure enough
it even cleared that up! my skin doesn't look irritated after i wash, it's even, clear and so fresh 
looking. i even see a difference in the application and how smoothly my makeup goes on. 

Before                                                                           3 weeks after

so basically here's my confession, i've tried hundred of natural products, i've never been more
impressed and my skins never loved me more than it has thanks to CRUDE. i'm on my second bottle
and i can't imagine using anything else. i love CRUDE. i even left a cheesy note on my 'note
to seller' because i had to give the creator of CRUDE major props. 

read her story here

so do yourself a huge favor, try CRUDE, i've even got a coupon code for you 'AJK20' 
for 20% off your first order. I recommend getting the STARTER KIT

just so you can try the amazing microfiber clothes and get your hands on the CRUDE
everything oil and the amazing detox face mask. which i've faithfully done 2x a week and
used as a blemish spot treatment for extra help during the night. 

and as if this 2 page essay wasn't enough to convince you, here are more testimonials
speaking about this amazing everything oil. 

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